Grade 4 Goes Global

As part of our Communities Unit, we have joined a community of 800 students from all over the world. We are connecting via Edmodo to make friends and teach each other about “A Week in Our Lives”.

So far, we have submitted a class handshake, to let the other schools guess where we are located. We have also posted individual handshakes, using pizap photo editing, to introduce ourselves to our teams.

Now we are chatting in Edmodo about our commonalities, our differences and our topic. We have learned some important rules for participating in an online community. We have also learned about other types of communities, such as interest, cultural, language, professional or action. We are making concept maps to represent our identity through community membership.

This is a busy and exciting unit! Stay tuned to see our final projects, which will be VoiceThreads made by students from all over the world!

What are the benefits of belonging to a community?
Why is the Flat Classroom Project fun and important?
What are you learning about yourself and others?

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